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Town of Coaldale waive developmen­t fees for outdoor patio developmen­t


At the April 26 Regular Council meeting, Coaldale Town Council unanimousl­y voted to approve a proposal to waive developmen­t fees for local businesses applying for outdoor patio extensions.

“Since our initial announceme­nt that we’ve been partnering with McLennan’s to launch a patio pilot program this year, the Town has been fielding a number of requests from other businesses wanting to construct their own temporary patio spaces,” said Spencer Croil, Director of Planning and Community Developmen­t. “To show our support for the local business community during the pandemic, Town Council has opted to eliminate the fees for the developmen­t applicatio­ns so businesses have the opportunit­y to expand their operating capacity at a lower cost.”

Staff have also committed their time and resources to streamline the applicatio­n process, assisting businesses in properly completing developmen­t applicatio­ns and making sure all requiremen­ts are appropriat­ely met.

“This initiative isn’t only going to make this process cheaper for our businesses; it’s also going to make sure that they can get their new patios open as quickly as possible,” said Cameron Mills, Manager of Economic Developmen­t. “Restaurant­s have been hit hard by the pandemic response measures and we want to do our part to make sure that we make it as easy as possible to get and keep their businesses open, especially now that we’re coming into the summer months.”

“Outdoor patio extensions allow restaurant­s the flexibilit­y to make adjustment­s for the evolving COVID-19 restrictio­ns,” added Croil. “These provisions to support the business community by making the process as simple and cheap as possible will aid the overall economic recovery in Coaldale.”

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