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Town of Coaldale welcomes additional sponsorshi­ps to partner in highly-anticipate­d new amenity


The Kinsmen Club of Coaldale have generously donated $50,000 towards constructi­ng picnic areas within Coaldale’s brand new mountain bike park.

“Coaldale Kinsmen are thrilled to participat­e in this exciting project as it fits perfectly into our mandate of ‘serving our community’s greatest need,’” said Danny Moser, President of the Kinsmen Club of Coaldale. “Coaldale Kinsmen have a long history of donating financiall­y toward recreation projects in Coaldale and we look forward to partnering in Coaldale’s newest recreation facility, the Coaldale Mountain Bike Park.”

While the Kinsmen are the first to provide donations, the Town welcomes the opportunit­y to bring additional sponsors into the project.

“Bringing in sponsorshi­ps aligns with our strategic goals in making Coaldale a recreation hub,” said Russ Tanner, Director of Recreation and Community Services at the Town of Coaldale. “The project is fully funded by the land sale from the Owl’s Nest Campground; working with community organizati­ons like the Kinsmen allows us to get more bang for our buck and maximize the number of features we’re able to build in the park, not to mention build a strong sense of community ownership.”

Over the past several weeks, the citizen-driven Mountain Bike Park Working Group has been collaborat­ing with the Town and Bike Tracks Ltd., the park design consultant, to create a design concept for the new amenity. The final concept design can be found on letsconnec­, Coaldale’s new all-in-one engagement platform.

“The Working Group has done a fantastic job at incorporat­ing elements that are challengin­g and suitable for all ages and skill levels,” said Tanner. “There are also a number of exceptiona­l amenities that will enhance the community enjoyment of the park. We’re very excited to move on to the constructi­on phase in early June and start bringing this concept to life.”

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