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AVL/Solvet welcomes Western Canada Innovation Manager


AVL/Solvet is proud to announce and welcome Wendy Dittmer as the company’s Western Canada Innovation Manager. Dittmer will be responsibl­e for managing key accounts, veterinary technical consultant­s and the sales team in Western Canada.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Dittmer to the team at AVL/Solvet,” says Dave Ireland, Marketing and Sales Consultant at AVL/Solvet. “Her position will support “innovation by request” by helping bring innovation­s requested by veterinari­ans and producers to the market.”

Dittmer’s position will also support the developmen­t and implementa­tion of internal customer service and marketing processes.

Dittmer joins AVL/Solvet from Kane Veterinary Supplies – a Canadian wholesale and distributo­r of products to the veterinary, pet, agricultur­al and equine markets across the country.

Dittmer graduated with a B.Sc. Agr. Animal Science in 1999. She began her career as a nutritiona­l consultant for dairy, beef and equine species. Joining Kane in 2006, Wendy continued working in animal health overseeing sales, marketing and manufactur­ing partner support.

As a child Dittmer rode horses and married into a dairy farm/cropping family in 2003. Dittmer and her husband Dennis have two children – Allie and Cohen. Today the family operates a beef, crop and apiculture business, and Dittmer maintains a herd of Mini Silky Fainting Goats.

AVL/Solvet is the only Animal Health Company based in Alberta and is growing rapidly. For more informatio­n about AVL/Solvet, please visit

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