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Desperatio­n and panic seems to toss common sense right out the window during these tough times

- BY RYAN DAHLMAN Ryan Dahlman is the managing editor of Prairie Post West and Prairie Post East

Is it just me or are we losing all sense of reality and common sense with all of this pandemic restrictio­ns being lifted, reinforced, ignored, adhered to, argued, fought over in WalMart etc.?

Maybe we are just overwhelme­d with too much informatio­n these days, good thing we have a completely unnecessar­y election, except for the Liberals who want to keep their cinchy jobs to ensure the country’s citizens can breathe and not be inundated with any heavy news.

This especially true out west where Covid roller coaster continues, the smoke from all of the tragic B.C. fires have made the sun disappear and made it difficult to breathe; the equally tragic disaster that is the 2021 agricultur­e crop and dependent livestock markets. Albertans will also be going to the polls about a month later in civic elections for local municipal government­s and school boards.

Deep breath.

Good, we can watch the levity of the federal election campaign. Convenient­ly, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney who deserves a vacation as much as the next guy, is away and isn’t available to comment on the campaign (maybe O’Toole paid for his vacation?) as the Covid-19 numbers soar in numbers.

I digress.

The federal election is entertaini­ng if it wasn’t so scary.

“I don’t think about monetary policy.” Justin Trudeau, campaign trail, one of his first press conference. Heavy sigh. Explains the X-number of trillion dollars Canada is in debt.

Of course the Conservati­ves burst out of the starting blocks only someone must have tied their shoelaces together as they went face first SPLAT. The Conservati­ves’ campaign team started the already tenuous campaign by releasing a crudely made Willy Wonka-themed attack ad against Trudeau. They pulled it, not because it was horribly done and rather childish which is was, but they broke a copyright rule.

Sheer brilliance. No strategy to get attention… just stup… ill-advised.

And hey what about Conservati­ve leader Erin O’Toole starting off the campaign in what was described in the media as thirst-trap (dictionary meaning of the slang word: “(on the internet) a social media post, especially a selfie or other photo, intended to elicit sexual attention, appreciati­on of one’s attractive­ness, or other positive feedback (often used attributiv­ely).”

In a tight black t-shirt, O-Toole stood with folded arms, looking like TV home improvemen­t star Mike Holmes and who was trying to compete with Trudeau for that GQ moment.


The Green Party are a dumpster fire and ironically emitting so much toxicity into the atmosphere from all their nasty infighting. The NDP, well,they are the NDP…high taxes for everyone and everyone will be driving electric vehicles which should work really well for tractors and heavy equipment. Wonder what their campaign buses are running on? Just a thought.

Maverick Party anyone? Bloc Quebecois? Never mind.

Work hard to find out all you can about the candidates in your area. It will take your mind off of all the other stuff going on in the world. Don’t worry, these few weeks will go by fast. Maybe Kenney will be back from vacation by then.

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