Prairie Post (West Edition)

A new political strategy for Albertans in the upcoming federal election


Here’s an idea for Albertans: turf every Conservati­ve, and lone NDP, Member of Parliament and elect nothing but Liberal MPs.

That’s 34 seats in Canada’s Parliament and in a party in power to represent the interests of Albertans.

It could also mean the difference between a majority or minority Liberal government or a minority or opposition Liberal party. Those 34 seats could thus hold the balance of power in Canada’s government.

An also-ran Conservati­ve party led by a guy named O’Toole will do little for Albertans, and Alberta’s current Conservati­ve MPs aren’t doing much good either in my estimation.

So, let’s just do it and see what happens. Albertans have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Mike Priaro Calgary

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