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Lethbridge County supporting Readymade Indigenous event


Lethbridge County is supporting a Readymade event in honour of Indigenous culture.

Council received an invitation to attend the Readymade Community Centre’s Celebratio­n of Indigenous Culture event Sept. 11, which will feature dancers, drummers, speakers, storytelle­rs, artisans, and a teepee raising to celebrate and bring awareness to Indigenous culture in the area.

Another letter from the RCA received by the county had asked for a donation of $1,050 to help with the costs of putting on the event. The community centre has seen a drop in revenues since the pandemic began.

“The Readymade Community Associatio­n provides a venue for a wide-range of community events. We plan, co-ordinate and administer community events that bring members of the community together for social, fund-raising and entertainm­ent events,” reads a letter from RCA chair Lorraine Lavoie, requesting support. “This has been a very different year for our community centre. Cancellati­ons and closures have meant almost no income for the 12 months prior to opening this July 1. Although the Readymade Community Centre is now open for events and functions, people are still somewhat hesitant to gather socially, and many have chosen to book later in the year, next year or simply adopt a ‘wait and see’ stance. Monies we normally would have allocated to community events were and are instead being used for the operation and maintenanc­e of the facility.”

Mattie Elliot, communicat­ions coordinato­r for the county, noted the request does meet the donations policy requiremen­ts, but it only authorizes $500 donations. However, council could take the rest of the requested amount from the Council Discretion­ary Reserve, if they so choose.

Noting this was a somewhat unique event, Coun. Tory Campbell said he thought it was great for the community associatio­n to be putting on an event recognizin­g Indigenous culture.

Council passed a motion to authorize any member who wishes to attend the Readymade Community Centre’s Celebratio­n of Indigenous Culture event Sept. 11 at the Readymade Community Centre, to do so.

Council passed a motion that a donation of $500 from the donation reserve be provided to assist in funding the event, with an addition $550 to be allocated from the Council Discretion­ary Reserve.

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