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- By: Steven W. Winegardne­r

As first reported by the website “Church Militant” on July 22, the Vatican’s Congregati­on for the Clergy instructed the Spanish Episcopal Conference in June to disavow the Granada-based Truth and Freedom (T&F) apostolate for its practice of reparative therapy used in transition­ing homosexual­s to heterosexu­ality. The bishops were asked “not to support, participat­e [in] or recommend treatments.”

Pope Francis put into motion the Banning of reparative therapy by the Catholic Church, which he insultingl­y refers to as “conversion therapy,” after one private meeting with Anglican lesbian activist Jayne Ozanne in 2019 as part of her effort to criminaliz­e healing for homosexual­s. The pontiff refused to even meet with those who have benefited from reparative therapy.

It is estimated by some that 80% of the priests in the Vatican are homosexual.

Approximat­ely 68% of Roman Catholics in the United States support gay marriage, which is higher than in the general population.

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