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Coping with stress


Summer and early fall are times when people get out and enjoy the nice weather and warm sun.

However, it’s not that way for everyone. This time of year can be very stressful on many, especially agricultur­al producers who may be struggling with harsh weather conditions, including drought.

Stress can be overwhelmi­ng, but understand­ing what you can do to help reduce stress is important. Simple steps can make a big difference.

Here are some positive ways to help you reduce your stress:

• Start talking to someone you trust — your spouse, a family member or close friend.

• Get enough sleep.

• Find an exercise or activity that helps you relax.

• Eat healthy foods.

• Reduce consumptio­n of alcohol and/or drugs.

• Take up a hobby such as gardening or making home repairs.

• Practice deep breathing, meditation, or muscle relaxation.

• Listen to music.

• Seek counsellin­g if you continue to struggle.

For more informatio­n on how to reduce stress or how to get help, call Health Link toll-free at 811 or visit www. Free virtual courses such as Transform Your Stress are also available through Alberta Health Services. Visit­htimes for more informatio­n.

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