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Political discrimina­tion has no place in a democracy



As the president of the regional People’s Party of Canada Associatio­n (southern Alberta), I sent an inquiry to the Taber Chamber of Commerce regarding Cornfest, as to how we could set up a booth for the PPC.

In the response I received, I was advised the chamber had a policy of not accepting political parties into Cornfest. But at Cornfest, what do I see? A booth for the Conservati­ve Party of Canada, and another one for the UCP.

Does the chamber have one set of rules for political parties they like, and another for those they don’t? It certainly seems that way. We at the PPC see this as political discrimina­tion, which has NO place in a democracy.

Ward Grantham


In response to the aforementi­oned Letter to the Editor, from Joanne Sorensen, president of the Taber and District Chamber of Commerce:

As Cornfest is known for being a “family free event,” the Cornfest Committee has only invited dignitarie­s and honourary guests, including elected representa­tives to participat­e in our festival. It is not the setting for those to actively campaign.

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