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Ballot finalized in Medicine Hat with six candidates


Ballots in Southern Alberta will have six names in the coming Sept. 20 federal election.

An official list published on Sept. 1 by Elections Canada show that Green Party and New Democratic Party of Canada have nominated candidates to contest the election in Medicine HatCardsto­n-Warner.

They join previously announced candidates in filing official paperwork by the Aug. 30 deadline.

— Diandra Bruised Head, a Kainai Nation band councillor, will represent the Green Party.

— Jocelyn Stenger, who is based in Edmonton and previously worked in a provincial constituen­cy office, is the federal New Democratic candidate.

— Incumbent candidate Glen Motz retained his nomination with the Conservati­ves having won the seat in a 2019 general election. Hannah Wilson, an Alberta native who worked in the office of Finance Minister Crystia Freeland, was acclaimed as the Liberal Candidate on Aug. 18.

— Geoff Shoesmith, a business owner from Walsh, Alta., is the Maverick Party candidate.

— Brodie Heidinger, a Medicine Hat insurance agent, is representi­ng the People’s Party of Canada. Advanced voting is set to take place from Friday, Sept. 10 to Monday, Sept. 13 at to-be-announced locations in the riding, or at the Elections Canada Office at any point before Sept. 14 using a special ballot.

Mail-in ballots must be requested by 4 p.m. local time on Sept. 14.

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