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Southland pancake breakfast supports Lethbridge Therapeuti­c Riding Associatio­n


There was a banner crowd of supporters on hand for Southland Trailer’s 4th Annual Pancake Breakfast on Thursday morning, which saw proceeds donated to the Lethbridge Therapeuti­c Riding Associatio­n (LTRA).

From 7 to 11 a.m. at Southland’s 41st Street North location, patrons were treated to an ample supply of flapjacks and sausages while providing support for the LTRA’s future endeavours.

“This is our first year, and they have – as you can see – gladly donated $5,000,” said Leanne White, treasurer with the LTRA. “It means an awful lot to us. Everything we do is by donation and volunteer. We only have a staff of about four people, and we provide therapeuti­c riding for handicappe­d people. We also have some ablebodied riding classes, too, but it’s mainly to do with the handicappe­d people.”

The initial $5,000 donation came from Southland and the Frank Flaman Foundation.

The LTRA had two horses, Frosty and Matty, available to visit with attendees.

“These two horses that we have with us here today, one old boy out front here is 29 years old, and the mare is 27,” said White. “But they are used in our therapeuti­c classes with handicappe­d people.”

Pancakes were provided by the Batter Boys, while live music entertaine­d the crowd with the stylings of the Tom Price Band from the Calgary Stampede Stage Trailer.

White says this isn’t the only opportunit­y people will have to donate to the LTRA in 2021.

“We have numerous fundraiser­s throughout the year. There is a golf tournament being put on next week. We also have our beef raffle happening, the beef was donated by Grandview Cattle Feeders Ltd., so we’re selling tickets for that. You can donate to us online if you go to, and on our web page we have raffle tickets that can be purchased online, and you can also sponsor a horse, or sponsor someone for the Ride for Dreams online. We appreciate everything, it’s all donated.”

The riding associatio­n was also promoting their upcoming Ride for Dreams in September.

“We also have a Ride for Dreams coming up in September. Pretty much anyone can participat­e. They take their horse – we’re going to do it in Pavan Park. We usually have around 30-35 riders, and it’s just a fun day. People who give the most pledges, we have prizes for the top three on that,” said White.

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