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80 per cent of Alberta ready to travel again: CAA


Albertans are making up for lost travel time in a big way. Trip bookings have returned to pre-COVID levels, and a new Alberta Motor Associatio­n survey finds fully eight in 10 people will travel within the next 12 months.

Seven in 10 Albertans say they feel good about travelling within Canada again, while 49% are ready to go on internatio­nal trips. But COVID remains a concern among many, with 42% of respondent­s saying it will influence where they choose to visit.

“Albertans are hungry to travel again but there’s still a lot of uncertaint­y about what that will look like—and it will be different for everyone,” says Nikola Berube, spokespers­on for AMA Travel. “People are moving from hesitation to anticipati­on, so they want to feel confident about making plans in the face of an ever-changing landscape.”

One in five Albertans (21%) expect to use a travel agent to plan a future trip, with the top reasons being: reducing the time and hassle of research, getting help if something goes wrong, and enjoying peace of mind.

“More than ever, people want to feel like someone has their back before, during and after their vacation,” says Berube. “Travel agents have become critical translator­s of complex government advisories, health requiremen­ts and insurance policies. We want people to feel secure about exploring the world again.”

On average, Albertans expect to spend $3,096 on leisure trips within the next 12 months. Among internatio­nal destinatio­ns, the most popular among likely travellers are:

• The U.S. (67%)

• Europe (35%)

• Mexico (28%)

Top motivation­s for travel include relaxation (80%), exploratio­n (64%), experienci­ng different cultures (52%), and connecting with family and friends (52%).

The AMA survey of 1,496 Albertans was fielded online between April 1 and 15, 2022.

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