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Dear Money Lady Readers: I have received many emails from people depressed about returning to work after Covid, unhappy with their life and financial situation, and many who are believing that they are not worthwhile. Please STOP THAT! You need to be prou


In Canadian society we are taught to be humble, accommodat­ing, and most of all, we are told to not show exaggerate­d appreciati­on of ourselves for fear of devaluatin­g others around us by demonstrat­ing a feeling of superiorit­y. Well, I say – forget about the social friction and be proud of who you are. This is the only way you will get ahead in life and move out of mediocrity and into extraordin­ary!

Consider the role that pride plays in your life today. If you demonstrat­e pride and self-confidence in yourself, your life and your accomplish­ments, people notice it and they see you in a different light. More importantl­y, you’ll see yourself in a different light. Now before you get on your high-horse and claim that pride is a “sin,” I want you to consider the opposite of pride: shame and fear. Fear is a mind-killer! You’re not good enough. You don’t have enough. You should be thinner and more fit. You should have more money or a better job. The list is endless. Sound familiar?

We’re all taught as youngsters not to judge a book by its cover, yet we all do. Contrary to popular political correctnes­s, if you don’t believe in yourself and show pride in your appearance, be confident in your abilities, and be happy with your accomplish­ments, people will see you as lazy, sloppy, and unorganize­d. It doesn’t mean they are right, it simply means they will perceive you this way. No one wants to admit it, but many people instantly marginaliz­e and judge others passing them over for jobs and promotions all because of others questionin­g your appearance and potential future value. The solution: you must develop a strong self-esteem, believe in yourself, and demonstrat­e a strong self-discipline to get ahead today.

Let’s simplify things by thinking more basic. Becoming wealthy through linear thinking is indeed possible, but without the belief that “you have what it takes,” it’s improvable that you will take the action needed to manifest it. It is easy to tell someone the strategy to becoming a better spouse, how to lose weight, or even how to get their dream job, but without a change in your own beliefs and the self-confidence to do so, your behavior will likely remain the same. There really is no mystery of how to be prosperous and successful in your life. Do the work and you will obtain the results. Now I know that it will be harder for some, and along the way you may indeed need to go in a different direction than you originally planned; but no matter how hard the struggle, if you endure you will eventually succeed.

When you’re on the path to building a better life, you would think that the people who care about you would support you. But sometimes they don’t. Often times this negativity destroys people’s goals and dreams. Being proud of yourself for making a change to become better helps you desensitiz­e yourself to these negative comments. Keep at it. The more you believe in yourself the less the words of others will affect you, until one day you wake up and no longer feel the impact of their words. Instead, surround yourself with people who encourage and empower you and ignore everyone else. The bottom line is, it’s your life, and other people’s opinions may be well-intentione­d, but they’re not important if they fail to empower you and steal your inner pride. Remember, successful people are made through blood, sweat, tears and hard-work and their very proud of what they have accomplish­ed and who they have become. Remember, no one escapes the pain of the journey to greatness.

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