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Cypress County trying to recover from storm

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New mapping from Cypress County shows wide-ranging damage from the July 18 storm which caused extensive damage near Highway 523, also known as Holsom Road.

Using drone footage taken Tuesday, July 19, county experts have drawn an area where the worst damage was done during the extreme weather event.

Affected residents and landowners in the area are being prioritize­d in the county’s emergency response, with waste disposal bins already deployed, social services offered, and further options being considered as the true impact of the storm is revealed.

“What happened Monday was absolutely terrifying for many of our friends and family,” says Cypress Chief Administra­tive Officer Tarolyn Aaserud.

“We can see now that the impact was significan­t, but our community is coming together and will rebuild.”

No less than 21 residences were in the hardest-hit area of the storm, with buildings either severely compromise­d or destroyed completely. Debris and lesser wind damage is still visible further away.

Waste bins have been placed in the affected area along Highway 523. The Seven Persons transfer site, usually closed Wednesday through Friday, is open with extended hours (10 a.m.-6 p.m.) until Sunday.

The recent storm has left not only physical damage but trauma to residents, and the county has an agreement in place with Medicine Hat Family Services to cover three counsellin­g sessions through the end of September for those directly impacted.

The Canadian Red Cross continues to assist families in need, including three who required shelter.*

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