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Lethbridge needs a city-owned RV park to accommodat­e visitors



Lethbridge spends tonnes of money accommodat­ing folks characteri­zed as “most vulnerable,” “most disadvanta­ged” etc! I have no idea what the ideal money to settle the argument might be, but I do know one thing – in the eyes of some the expenditur­e is/was never enough.

What those who pay the bills get in return, beside theft of a bike they forgot to lock up, is to be bashed around – shamed – with demeaning voices shouting “we’re not doing enough.” I will not debate this further.

What I would like to begin a debate on is the dearth of recreation­al vehicle accommodat­ion for folks coming through this city. At the end of the day hundreds of RV’ers, each travel season look for a safe location to settle, take in the sites, spend a good deal of money during their stay – likely contributi­ng something worthy.

RV travellers are not well accommodat­ed here. Lethbridge for its size, is unique in that it has one RV park, a corporate/privately owned operation. We can do better!

Collective population­s of all towns and villages south of Calgary, to the American border do not equal the population of this city, and yet almost all those towns from tiny Champion to Milk River have RV accommodat­ion.

Lethbridge has none; none they control that bolster city coffers! The potential is surreal, and we’re missing the boat.

Hello, Mr. Mayor, as I write this on July 20, I’m in our RV in a beautiful community park one hour from Lethbridge – wide spacious lots, full hookups, horseshoe pits, spray park for the kids, two ball diamonds, walking paths, all on acres of beautifull­y manicured lawn.

The town has a population of less than 4,000 and the park has been here since the 1960’s.

Taxpayers of Lethbridge, whether they subscribe or not, are investing a fortune expanding Exhibition Park. Sadly, no bright light downtown thought to include an RV park in that mammoth project.

Equally as sad is knowing, recreation­al vehicle owners drifting through here will keep drifting through leaving Lethbridge in the rear-view mirror along with drifters of another ilk. Alvin W. Shier Lethbridge

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