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UFA rewards members with inflation payment program


The co-operative lends a helping hand by helping to ease rising costs.

UFA Co-operative (UFA) has a history of rewarding and recognizin­g their team members when it matters most, and they have done it again.

The co-operative has announced that they are offering not one, but two, $1,000 inflation payments to employees who are not in senior level positions. The Inflation Payment Program is to help meet the demands of the rising rate of inflation with the first payment being made at the end of July and the second in December.

“This announceme­nt is both compassion­ate and strategic and it’s very much in keeping with our co-operative values and purposeful trajectory of UFA‚Äôs culture,” said President & CEO, Scott Bolton.

“The resilience and dedication of our team is the most important asset we have. We have always strived to create a service-led environmen­t, a place where people genuinely want to give their best selves in helping our members and customers, and where they feel a sense of belonging, and a sense of safety. Particular­ly after the challenges faced over the last two years, we need to assure our team that we’re grateful for them and we have their back.”

This isn’t the first time that UFA has proactivel­y rewarded employees and had their backs.

Over the course of the pandemic, the co-operative announced two spotbonuse­s and pay increases to front-line team members.

UFA’s senior leadership team says they are very focused on the reality that they need to remain diligent, innovative and thoughtful to retain and reward talent.

“It’s critical that we’ôre in lockstep with our people and managing proactivel­y rather than reactively,” said Bob Fink, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer.

“This year, has brought new challenges to our business and our personal lives with rising costs of living, including fuel, groceries and other staples and its shock to any household budget, particular­ly for those in the agricultur­al sector. We hope these payments ease some of the burden for our team members, allowing them to be at their best when serving members and customers.”

UFA’s employees are critical to the agricultur­e and agri-food sectors, serving over 120,000 member-owners, the farmers and ranchers, who grow the food that consumers enjoy.

“This investment reflects our ongoing commitment to support those who support our industry, by providing a highly competitiv­e experience. We have many employees who have been with the cooperativ­e for 20, 30 and even 40 plus years,”said Bolton.

“People come to and stay at UFA because of our values and culture, the meaning they find in the work they do, the people they work with and those they serve, and how they are rewarded. We recognize the value of our team and how each individual contribute­s to the overall success of our co-operative, and ultimately, our members and customers.”

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