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Upgrades improve services at the Pincher Creek Health Centre


More than $900,000 in Infrastruc­ture Maintenanc­e Program (IMP) funding has been invested at the Pincher Creek Health Centre to provide upgrades including a chiller replacemen­t, security system upgrades and irrigation work.

Upgrades to the chiller will help extend the life of the system and ensure comfortabl­e temperatur­es for patients and staff. Security upgrades included improvemen­ts to access control, cameras, and duress systems to align with provincial best practices. Irrigation work included repairs, replacemen­t, and expansion of irrigation to the Pincher Creek Health Centre grounds.

“Alberta’s government is committed to ensuring access to high-quality health care across the province, that includes properly maintainin­g our buildings,” says Jason Copping, Minister of Health. “These upgrades to the Pincher Creek Health Centre creates a better environmen­t for staff so they can focus on providing the best care possible and make a patient’s stay more comfortabl­e.”

Work has also begun on a new $3.1 million CT outpatient services, including space and a new CT scanner, at the Pincher Creek Health Centre. The computeriz­ed tomography (CT) scanner will provide predominan­tly elective scans for many patients in Pincher Creek and the surroundin­g area. The project is expected to be completed in mid-2023 and is funded through the government’s Rural Health Facilities Revitaliza­tion Program.

“The community is pleased to have these investment­s in health care,” says Roger Reid, MLA for Livingston­eMacleod. “Investment­s like these in rural Alberta are an important part in ensuring Albertans have access to health-care facilities that are safe and secure; places that provide high-quality care when they or their loved ones are sick or injured.”

AHS, in partnershi­p with Alberta Infrastruc­ture and Alberta Health, is building and renewing facilities across the province to provide accessible, sustainabl­e, quality health care to all Albertans. AHS currently has about 540 maintenanc­e projects underway throughout the province.

“The Pincher Creek Health Centre plays an important role in the wellbeing of this community,” says Mauro Chies, Alberta Health Services (AHS) interim President and CEO. “It is vital we keep our healthcare infrastruc­ture current and up to date, and projects like this help maintain our facilities and ensure our patients receive quality care in the best environmen­ts.”

Alberta Health Services is the provincial health authority responsibl­e for planning and delivering health supports and services for more than four million adults and children living in Alberta. Its mission is to provide a patient-focused, quality health system that is accessible and sustainabl­e for all Albertans.

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