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Toews releases plan to support agricultur­e in Alberta


July 27, United Conservati­ve Party leadership candidate Travis Toews released his plan to support and strengthen the agricultur­e sector in Alberta.

The plan includes measures to improve competitiv­eness, cut red tape, reduce costs, and defend hardworkin­g Alberta farmers from continued attacks on their livelihood­s from Ottawa.

“As a rancher and cattleman, I know the last few years have been incredibly challengin­g for the agricultur­e producers who are so vital to the heritage and economy of all Alberta communitie­s,” said Toews. “Extreme weather, global supply chain issues and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have all taken their toll on our industry. I’m committed to making our agricultur­e sector more competitiv­e and better able to meet the challenges that lie ahead.”

If chosen by UCP members to be their next leader and Premier, Toews would:

• Introduce a non-refundable 12% Manufactur­ing and Processing tax credit for capital investment­s for agricultur­e and food processing to keep us competitiv­e with our neighbours while protecting taxpayers.

• Make it easier for farm workers to get their Class 1 licence by creating a separate training framework for drivers of farm-plated vehicles.

• Improve business risk management programs to reflect current realities.

• Encourage increased nitrogen production in our strong petrochemi­cal sector to reduce costs and improve availabili­ty of fertilizer for Alberta farmers.

• Defend and advance the interests of Alberta’s farmers by working to improve global market access for Alberta’s agricultur­e products and by ensuring federal regulation­s, especially around nitrogen, recognize best practices and do not unduly impact our ability to make a living by feeding the world. “I understand the challenges in the agricultur­al sector, but I also understand the great opportunit­y for us to increase production and value-added processing in Alberta,” said Toews. “These reforms, on top of Alberta’s tax and regulatory advantages, will position our farmers and ranchers to make the most of these opportunit­ies.”

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