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Wild boar damage added to Wildlife Damage Compensati­on Program

- Courtesy AFSC

Wild boar at large are one of the most damaging invasive species in the world and they can wreak havoc on fields, pastures, wetlands, and natural areas in a short period. The wild boar population continues to grow in Alberta and producers are increasing­ly concerned by the risks posed by the feral pigs. As a result, wild boar at large have been added to the Wildlife Damage Compensati­on Program’s list of eligible species.

“Following this change, the program will compensate producers for wild boar damage to eligible unharveste­d hay crops and eligible annual unharveste­d crops, wildlife-excreta contaminat­ed crops, stacked greenfeed, and silage in pits and tubes,” said Daniel Graham, AFSC’s manager of product knowledge and pricing.

Unlike other wildlife damage, producers are not allowed to hunt wild boars on their property, including the section where the damage occurred, and any lands owned by the producer that border that property. As well, producers must not allow access for other persons to hunt or trap wild boar on the same properties.

“To be eligible for a payment, producers need to allow Agricultur­e, Forestry and Rural Economic Developmen­t specialist­s access to their property to review the damage, provide recommenda­tion to prevent further damage, and to conduct wild boar eradicatio­n,” explained Graham.

Making a claim

To start a wildlife claim, producers must notify a provincial wild boar specialist who will provide the producer with recommenda­tions to prevent further damage prior to a claim being paid.

If a producer has a second claim, the minimum recommenda­tions from the first claim visit must have been implemente­d in order to be eligible for a full claim. If the recommenda­tions have not been followed, no claim will be paid. For more informatio­n, please use Live Chat on the AFSC website or AFSC Connect, call the Client Care Centre at 1.877.899.2372, or contact your branch office.

 ?? ?? Some of the feral pigs can be quite unmanageab­le.
Some of the feral pigs can be quite unmanageab­le.

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