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New polling data: farmers overwhelmi­ngly opposed to proposed fertilizer emissions cut


New polling data from iFusion Research demonstrat­es the federal government’s proposed 30% fertilizer emissions cut is on the wrong side of the opinions of those who know this area best – farmers.

The research was conducted at the end of August and shows, among other findings, that farmers oppose the reduction targets by an overwhelmi­ng 83%.

iFusion notes this proposed change is currently being considered as a voluntary action – however, given previous federal actions, the concern is the next step will be mandatory reductions.

Wheat Growers’ President Gunter Jochum has gone on the record saying, “A policy of cutting fertilizer use in Canada, a country that leads the world in prudent fertilizer use already, will hurt farmers, cut production, starve the poor, raise food prices for everyone, benefit other grain growing countries and… increase GHGs through carbon leakage to jurisdicti­ons that use more fertilizer than Canadian farmers do.”

The research brief can be read here.

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