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LifeWorks survey reveals Canadian organizati­ons are experienci­ng the impacts of inflation and labour shortages during world-wide uncertaint­y

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LifeWorks, a leading provider of digital and in-person total wellbeing solutions, released its 40th annual Salary Projection Survey Sept. 23. The findings revealed much higher Canadian base salaries than initially projected, increasing 4.01 per cent in 2022 and set to increase 3.93 per cent in 2023.

Key salary increase findings include:

• In 2022, the average actual increase to the base salary was 4.01 per cent excluding freezes and 3.77 per cent including freezes. In 2022, 5.7 per cent of organizati­ons froze their base salaries.

• In 2023, employers are projecting an average annual base salary increase of 3.93 per cent excluding freezes and 3.86 per cent including freezes. This indicates very few organizati­ons (1.52 per cent) plan to freeze their base salaries.

Comments from senior partner, retirement and financial solutions, Al Kiel:

“Last year, we projected base salary increases of 2.67 per cent. In fact, the actual base salary increases were 4.01 per cent. This demonstrat­es that Canadian organizati­ons adapted to many challenges such as market pressure, inflation and labour shortages. As we look toward 2023, we anticipate a continued rise in the average base salary in an effort for employers to attract, retain and empower talent to drive business results.”

Organizati­ons are experienci­ng a range of impacts of inflation and labour shortages

• 65 per cent of organizati­ons cite a rise in compensati­on costs caused by external market pressure as an impact of inflation and labour shortages.

• 58 per cent of organizati­ons cite the need to adjust the salaries of current employees to be equitable with new hires.

• 44 per cent of organizati­ons indicate increased challenges in controllin­g salary budget.

• 28 per cent of organizati­ons report additional challenges in achieving financial objectives. Comments from associate partner, compensati­on consulting practice, Guylaine Béliveau: “Our data clearly underscore­s the worker shortage as one of the leading contributi­ng factors driving wage increases. This comes as Canadian employees are experienci­ng heightened financial concerns including rising inflation and interest rates. Our latest Financial Wellbeing Index indicated more than one quarter of Canadians are concerned about their ability to cover basic living expenses. For organizati­ons to combat this, focus needs to not only be placed on salaries and incentives, but also on flexible working conditions, financial and mental wellbeing resources and growth opportunit­ies.”

To read the summary report, which includes industry difference­s and regional difference­s across Canada and to learn more about LifeWorks compensati­on consulting practice, visit our website page.

LifeWorks is a wholly owned subsidiary of TELUS now operating as part of TELUS Health as a result of its recent acquisitio­n.

About the Salary Projection Survey The 40th annual Salary Projection Survey from LifeWorks presents results that are an analysis of responses collected in July and August 2022. The data represents a broad crosssecti­on of industries representi­ng 548 organizati­ons across Canada and provides data on actual salary budget increase percentage­s for the past five years, projected increases for next year, and more.

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