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Interfaith Food Bank needs volunteer help


With increased demand for emergency food services, Interfaith Food Bank is in urgent need of volunteers. They have several openings for morning and afternoon shifts Monday – Friday and could really use some help as soon as possible. Those interested in volunteeri­ng should connect with Bill at volunteer@interfaith­ or by calling 403-320-8779.

For those who want to help besides volunteeri­ng.

Most Wanted Items

Non-Perishable Food Items

• Canned Fruit/Vegetables

• Meat/Salmon/Tuna (Canned)

• Soup (Cans & Mixes)

• Canned Pasta/Stew

• Spaghetti Sauce

• Unsweetene­d Juices

• Baby Food in Jars

• Boxed Cereal

Perishable Food Items

• Fresh/Frozen Meat

• Fresh Produce

• Dairy Products

• Infant Cereal

• Baby Formula

• Pork & Beans (Canned)

• Peanut Butter

• Jam

• Macaroni & Cheese

• Hamburger Helper

Non-Food Items

• Financial Contributi­ons

• Grocery Gift Cards Financial donations also help them to purchase food, fund our day-today operations, and schedule various community events and campaigns. Donations can come in various forms including: one-time or monthly donations; program support and memorial donations.

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