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CN Police Services Mobilizing for Rail Safety Week 2022; Be Rail Smart; Stop. Look. Listen. Live.

CN Police Officers will be out in communitie­s across Canada and United States to raise awareness about rail safety and helping save lives


Last week, CN launched its annual rail safety awareness campaign Rail Safety Week 2022. The Company is joining groups all across North America to bring awareness to the danger of unsafe behavior around railway properties. From September 19-25, CN Police Service (CNPS), along with many CN employees, will spread important messages about rail safety in communitie­s across CN’s network to help prevent train related accidents and injuries.

“Everyone is responsibl­e for rail safety, and this is why CN wants you to get involved and helps us save lives. We all have a role to play in order to keep our communitie­s safe, whether it is by acting as a role model around trains and tracks, speaking up when we witness unsafe actions or simply by sharing rail safety tips with family, friends and colleagues. I encourage you to take the time this Rail

Safety Week to remind your communitie­s, loved ones and neighbours about the critical importance of being safe around rail property. By doing so, you could help save a life,” explained Stephen Covey, Chief of Police and Chief Security Officer at CN

In North America there are 2,000 crossing accidents and 1,000 trespassin­g incidents on average each year. In 2021, there have been 2,145 collisions reported in the US resulting in 236 fatalities and 668 injuries. For Canada there have been 199 incidents in 2021 resulting in 58 fatalities and 41 serious injuries.

Rail Safety is a Shared Responsibi­lity

Together with cities, towns and indigenous communitie­s, CN has created powerful allies in promoting the rail safety message in its communitie­s. In 2021, a record 378 communitie­s across our network signed resolution­s or proclamati­ons or expressed their support for Rail Safety Week. Once again this year, the Company is working hard in order to promote safe behaviour around rails and trains in order to keep our communitie­s safe.

About CN Police

Every year, CN Police Services respond to hundreds of events along CN’s network across eight Canadian provinces and 16 U.S. states. In addition to protecting CN property, CNPS officers deliver rail safety presentati­ons to schools, trucking agencies, bus operators and community organizati­ons. By rolling out strategic educationa­l initiative­s and conducting targeted operations, CNPS aims to promote safe behaviours and increase awareness of rail safety. CNPS is committed to making CN the safest railroad in North America.

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