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Supporting newcomers and rural economies including in southwest and southeast Alberta


Two immigratio­n streams are helping set up newcomers and rural communitie­s for success.

Rural communitie­s are the backbone of Alberta’s economy, and Alberta’s government is committed to supporting their success. The Rural Renewal Stream attracts skilled newcomers to rural communitie­s to support local labour needs. The Rural Entreprene­ur Stream focuses on attracting newcomer entreprene­urs to create jobs and support the local economy.

Communitie­s under 100,000 people are welcome to apply to become a designated community. To become designated, rural communitie­s must show that they have sufficient economic need and supports available to attract and build long-term relationsh­ips with newcomers. To date, 22 communitie­s have been designated to participat­e in the Rural Renewal Stream and 37 communitie­s are qualified for the Rural Entreprene­urial Stream.

As part of the entreprene­urship stream, prospects interested in starting or buying a business in rural Alberta are required to visit the participat­ing communitie­s in advance. This allows them to see where they will live and operate their business and allows the community to meet the entreprene­ur and embrace the business idea.

“Rural Alberta provides a unique opportunit­y to leverage needed skills and talent newcomers and entreprene­urs hold, benefiting local economies and supporting community diversity. As communitie­s experience ongoing challenges in accessing a talented and innovative workforce, designated rural immigratio­n streams are a great step in promoting the vast opportunit­ies that exist by living and working in Alberta’s rural areas,” stated Paul McLauchlin, president, Rural Municipali­ties of Alberta.

“This is welcome news for Alberta Municipali­ties’ rural members. We encourage them to follow the lead of Brooks, Duchess, Falher and Trochu and apply to become designated communitie­s for these worthwhile immigratio­n streams,” said Cathy Heron, president, Alberta Municipali­ties.

Alberta’s government is taking a number of actions to help grow Alberta’s labour pool to support the province’s growing economy, including providing support for Albertans to develop new skills and grow in careers. This includes Alberta Jobs Now, which provided private and non-profit businesses with job supports, and a $600-million investment in Alberta at Work to help Albertans find jobs, build skills and advance their careers.

Quick facts

• The rural immigratio­n streams are part of the Alberta Advantage Immigratio­n Program, a federal-provincial program that nominates individual­s for permanent residence.

• A full list of communitie­s (https://­ur-stream-participat­ing-communitie­s.aspx) participat­ing in the Rural Entreprene­ur Stream is available at

• Newly designated communitie­s for the Rural Renewal Stream include Brooks, Bassano, Duchess, County of Newell, Rosemary, Taber, Municipal District of Taber, Vauxhall.

• Immigratio­n, Refugees and Citizenshi­p Canada (IRCC) sets the limits for nomination­s the Alberta Advantage Immigratio­n Program can issue each year. IRCC provided 6,500 nomination certificat­es to Alberta for 2022.

• Nearly 5,000 nomination certificat­es have been issued so far in 2022.

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