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Lethbridge’s Legion explores local history through veterans banners


Lethbridge Salute Our Veterans projects are now on display around the city, displaying 80 banners with veterans who have served past and present.

Placed on city light poles in areas with historical military significan­ce like City Hall, the Legion, Army, Navy and Air Force Club, the train station, and the airport. Banners will fly each year from October 1 through Remembranc­e Day.

“Our veterans banners for 2022 are spread across the city,” said Ray Romses, banner chair, during a press event at the Lethbridge Cenotaph on Oct. 4. “These banners, you see the faces of veterans, their names, and the pubic is encouraged to visit our website http:// www.lethbridge­veteransba­ On that site, if you click banners, that will bring up the names of all 80 veterans and when you click on a name that will bring up their biography. The things that they did in their life that our citizens could learn more about.”

Seeing community sponsorshi­p from corporatio­ns in Lethbridge to put up banners, residents also got a chance to contribute by putting their family legacy up on display.

“It’s an honour,” said Matthew Palmer, whose grandfathe­r, William Scott Palmer, is on a banner in front of the Cenotaph. “My grandfathe­r was in the war for years. His best memory was when they sailed into Italy, the most beautiful time ever. He ended up in Belgium at the very end of the war, went up to Rome. He was an engineer, a sapper. He was in charge of carrying Bailey bridges, which they would put over the river so the artillery could come through.”

Looking to the future for next year, the Legion is looking to secure 90 banners with applicatio­ns now being accepted, with a cut off date of June 30 to allow the required time for fabricatio­n and delivery.

“There is an opportunit­y to sponsor a banner,” said Glenn Miller, a member of the banner committee, noting the various veterans from different conflicts such as World War I and II, the Korean War and the Boer War. “We are passing on that remembranc­e to the next generation.”

With Remembranc­e Day coming up on November 11, banners will showcase those that have served our country, honouring memory and legacy for those that have fought.

“Seeing the banner up there, really brings it back, it really puts it in perspectiv­e,” said Palmer. “I think it’s a fantastic idea to honour the whole reason we are here is because of these men and women.”

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