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Politician­s’ arrogance is nauseating lately

- BY RYAN DAHLMAN Ryan Dahlman is the editor of the 40 Mile Commentato­r/Cypress Courier; Prairie Post West and Prairie Post East

There is a certain level of gamesmansh­ip when it comes to politics. Politician­s have an agenda. All of them, doesn’t matter if you are a Liberal, left wing or someone who has participat­ed in the trucker protests and fly the loving flags with the name of the prime minister on them. No matter the political stripe, they all have an agenda.

The electorate have protested political policies before but it seems like the scrutiny and the level of emotion is starting to rise and perhaps that has unmasked the establishe­d politician­s’ arrogance. It is no doubt that many, not all, enjoy the power, limelight and perks but in this age of social media, the arrogance behind the gamesmansh­ip is becoming more evident.

Some politician­s like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the smarmy, smug arrogance oozes out of him and raises the ire of many as was on clear display earlier this year and on many vehicles around Southern Alberta.

Ontario Doug Ford not speaking at parliament and ducking the legislatur­e so he didn’t’t have to speak to the Emergencie­s Act inquiry on how all levels of government handled the protests from earlier this year.

Danielle Smith , Not answering questions Saskatchew­an cabinet minister Lyle Stewart invited former Sask. politician and cabinet minister as well as convicted murderer Colin Thatcher to Saskatchew­an’s Throne Speech last week. The optics are very ugly and hStewart later said as did Saskatchew­an premier Scott Moe, the invite was ‘an error in judgement.’ However, the Canadian Press quoted Stewart right after the Throne Speech saying “Colin was a longtime MLA, and he’s a constituen­t of mine and a friend of mine and that’s why I [invited him] and I’m happy that I did… If anybody has a right to be here, it’s Colin Thatcher.” He added Thatcher was a “fine individual.”

It raised eyebrows at the very least and was vigorously panned elsewhere.

The positive for the government was that it created a smoke bomb effect because shortly thereafter the Throne Speech the government closed down its remaining government-operated liquor stores without notices, throwing 350 people out of work.

During Jason Kenney’s tenure, he removed the masking mandate in schools. In a judicial review last week, a Court of King’s Bench Justice said the ending of masking requiremen­ts was done by politician­s and not the Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw. Now Premier Danielle Smith was quoted as saying Hinshaw would be losing her job. Covid restrictio­ns are a sensitive topic, however, politician­s unilateral­ly making medical decisions should be looked at with scrutiny if not concern.

Politics have become such game of interwoven levels of manipulati­on. It is becoming really difficult to find those who are there for the right reasons… namely the benefit of those around them. Voters have to get past the rhetoric and no matter how it is packed, presented and voters need tp look for real facts, real innovation in policies and not just well-worded empty calories — like fancy icing on a cake. Looks good but in the long term leave nothing but cavities and hurt. Character, not charisma.

Jesse Christians­on, a radio personalit­y in Medicine Hat summed it up best in a tweet last week “Imagine a world where we voted for the PERSON we liked/agreed with and found out what party they belonged to afterwards... Think people would care and vote more?”

We should all wonder…

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