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Coaldale Town Council holds annual organizati­onal meeting


On October 24, Coaldale Town Council held its annual organizati­onal meeting, during which it adopted a new meeting calendar and appointed members

of Council to various local and regional boards and committees.

In Alberta, municipali­ties operate according to what’s called the “Municipal Government Act” (MGA), Section 192(1) of which states that “except in a summer village, a council must hold an organizati­onal meeting annually not later than 2 weeks after the 3rd Monday in October”.

Accordingl­y, exactly one week after the 3rd Monday in October, Coaldale Town Council held its own annual organizati­onal meeting.

Although brief, the meeting was one the most important of the year as it saw Council not only adopt a new meeting calendar, but also, determine which members of Council will sit on various local and regional boards and committees.

Concerning the meeting calendar, it includes all the Regular Council Meeting dates as well as tentative placeholde­r dates for notable Town-run and community events.

“This year we did things a bit differentl­y,” said Lana Antony, Municipal Clerk for the Town of Coaldale. “In the past, this calendar included dates for all of Council’s Regular Meetings, as well as for statutory holidays. Now, however, it includes dates for all of Council’s Regular Meetings, statutory holidays, and Town-run and community events.”

Concerning Council representa­tion on various local and regional boards/committees, Council appointed members to sit on the Barons-Eureka-Warner FCSS Board; the Chinook Arch Library Board; the Coaldale & District Chamber of Commerce; the Coaldale & District Handi-Ride Associatio­n; the Coaldale Library Board; the Gem of the West Museum Board; the Green Acres

Foundation Board; the Highway 3 Twinning Developmen­t Associatio­n; and many others.

“Not everyone realizes just how important it is to have a vibrant board and committee system in place for effective governance in Coaldale,” said Town of Coaldale Mayor Jack Van Rijn. “These boards and committees are usually made up of a combinatio­n of Coaldale residents, members of Council, and sometimes other elected officials from neighbouri­ng municipali­ties, and do much of

the leg work when it comes to advancing local projects, planning events, and providing direction to notfor-profit organizati­ons from which many of our residents benefit. By doing this important work, these boards and committees make Council’s job much easier and Coaldale itself a better place to live.”

To see a full list of all the boards and committees that make up the Town’s committee system, click here:

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