An­to­nia Douai­hy

«To­nia Cho­co­la­tier is the pure taste of luxu­ry, plea­sure, and heal­thy in­dul­gence»

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With her new bou­tique in Achra­fieh, To­nia Cho­co­la­tier of­fers qua­li­ty cho­co­lates for the fes­tive sea­son. An­to­nia Douai­hy, foun­der of this unique concept, re­veals to Pres­tige why her bou­tique is the ul­ti­mate cho­co­late des­ti­na­tion.

An­to­nia Douai­hy, how did your ad­ven­ture in fine cho­co­late

start? My jour­ney in­to the world of fine cho­co­late be­gan in France where I dis­co­ve­red the art of cho­co­late ma­king from the fi­nest ar­ti­sans in the field. Using this le­gen­da­ry know­how, the se­crets of true cho­co­late-ma­king, and in­sight in­to dif­ferent ca­caos as de­lec­table foun­da­tions, I de­ci­ded to launch To­nia Cho­co­la­tier, a small fa­mi­ly bu­si­ness with a large in­fra­struc­ture, ad­van­ced ma­chi­ne­ry and spe­cia­li­zed know-how.

What dif­fe­ren­ciates To­nia cho­co­lates from other cho­co

lates in the mar­ket? Our cho­co­late is ex­cep­tio­nal­ly heal­thy and light since we ex­clu­si­ve­ly use Tri­ni­ta­rio and Criol­lo ca­cao va­rie­ties, which are na­tu­ral­ly sweet and don’t need conching, so our cho­co­lates don’t have ad­ded su­gar, but­ter, or es­sence. We so­le­ly use na­tu­ral ca­cao and ca­cao but­ter. All raw ma­te­rials and pro­ducts used are im­por­ted from abroad, with per­fect tra­cea­bi­li­ty which means we can trace the ori­gin of all our raw ma­te­rials in­clu­ding the ca­cao. The raw ma­te­rials brands are ex­clu­si­ve­ly sold to To­nia which en­forces our dif­fe­ren­tia­tion with other brands on the mar­ket. In ad­di­tion, we use world class re­cipes and tech­niques dis­co­ve­red through ex­ten­sive one-to-one trai­ning with the best cho­co­la­tiers in Eu­rope, such as Pas­cal Brun­stein, Jack Bel­lan­ger, Sa­da Ao­ki, Thier­ry Klei­ber, Jean-Paul He­vin, and Pa­trick Ro­ger. What are the dif­ferent of­fe­rings avai­lable in your bou­tique? We of­fer a se­lec­tion of re­fi­ned ar­ti­sa­nal cho­co­late, ma­ca­rons, mar­rons from Tu­rin, and ice cream made from su­per­ior raw ma­te­rials. The Tu­rin mar­rons are made from real «mar­ron». Gi­ven their unique taste, shape and tex­ture, our mar­ron is sim­ply soa­ked in na­tu­ral sy­rup or dip­ped in cho­co­late. The art of ma­ca­ron-ma­king was lear­ned from Lu­do­vic Maire (Cham­pion Eu­rope Pièces Ar­tis­tiques en Sucre and Vice-Cham­pion de France de Ma­ca­rons) and Jacques Bel­lan­ger (Meilleur Ou­vrier de France). We al­so have a dine-in me­nu with a de­luxe choice of cof­fees, pre­mium teas, in ad­di­tion to around 12 re­mar­kable hot cho­co­late va­rie­ties from clas­sic plain cho­co­late to fa­bu­lous na­tu­ral in­fu­sions such as gin­ger, cin­na­mon, orange, ba­na­na, and chi­li. If you had to des­cribe To­nia Cho­co­la­tier in a few words? To­nia is a pre­mium cho­co­late ex­pe­rience, a tri­bute to high qua­li­ty, and a sen­sual car­ni­val made spe­cial with the true taste of cho­co­late made from on­ly the world’s fi­nest ca­cao. To­nia is for the true cho­co­late lo­ver and real connois­seur and brings true ca­cao cul­ture to the region through su­per­ior fla­vors and a scrump­tious re­pu­ta­tion for ex­cel­lence.

What are you pre­pa­ring for Ch­rist­mas and the fes­tive

sea­son? We al­ways have new fla­vors and sea­so­nal ar­ran­ge­ments like the ones for Ch­rist­mas. Our la­test pro­duct is the «Ci­gare Cho­co­lat avec Ga­nache au Ta­bac»... Vi­sit us at To­nia Cho­co­la­tier new bou­tique in Achra­fieh, Che­hade street and dis­co­ver a unique cho­co­late world...

Ci­gar Cho­co­late with to­bac­co ga­nache.

A cho­co­late Ch­rist­mas tree.

An­to­nia Douai­hy.

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