Poor thing

Pulp Literature - - POOR THING -

K M Vaghela

“Poor Thing” orig­i­nated from a phone call. I was thir­teen and my mother was ha­bit­u­ally twirling the curly, long cord con­nected to the head piece while watch­ing some­thing on the stove. It was her voice that made me lift my head from my work and lis­ten. There were too many ex­cla­ma­tion marks in her breath. When she hung up, we chil­dren gath­ered around cu­ri­ously. The story she told clung to us for weeks. It was a story we could not un­der­stand, liv­ing in Amer­ica where 911 was the an­swer for all trou­ble. How could there be no 911 so­lu­tion in our mother coun­try of In­dia? I wrote the first draft at fif­teen, and it has evolved slowly into a piece which I hope will touch any who read it. —KM Vaghela

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