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To bor­row a phrase from your web­site, you’ve got a lot of hats you wear in the lit­er­ary world right now: sci­ence fic­tion author, fan­tasy author, crime writer, and copy or de­vel­op­men­tal edi­tor. Do you have a favourite hat? And are there any new hats you’ve

Pulp Literature - - FEATURE INTERVIEW - Lit­er­a­ture

Matthew Hughes

Pulp Lit­er­a­ture: pro­tag­o­nist is an in­ter­stel­lar Sam Spade who dis­cov­ers that the uni­verse of space ships and think­ing ma­chines is about to be re­placed by a realm of wizards and dragons.

PL: To the sci­ence fic­tion and fan­tasy world you’re known as Matthew Hughes, and to the mys­tery and thriller crowd you’re Matt Hughes. What made you choose dif­fer­ent by­lines for each genre? Have you found there are ben­e­fits or pit­falls to hav­ing two pen names?

MH: It keeps the dif­fer­ent gen­res sep­a­rate, which can be im­por­tant when buy­ers for ma­jor re­tail­ers are look­ing at your num­bers and de­cid­ing how many copies of your next ti­tle to or­der.

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