Word Power

It takes at least one vowel to make a word. Test your knowl­edge of th­ese terms that con­tain all five—and even one with “y.”

Reader's Digest (Canada) - - Word Power - BY BETH SHILLIBEER

1. em­u­la­tion—A: atomic ra­di­a­tion. B: im­i­ta­tion. C: an­tic­i­pa­tion.

2. ne­far­i­ous—A: wicked and im­moral. B: un­war­ranted. C: from out­ly­ing re­gions.

3. au­rif­er­ous—A: help­ing with hear­ing. B: hav­ing per­fect musical pitch. C: con­tain­ing gold.

4. in­oc­u­late—A: hide from sight. B: drink the first al­co­holic bev­er­age of the night. C: in­ject with a weak form of a dis­ease for pro­tec­tion.

5. ex­ul­ta­tion—A: tri­umphant re­joic­ing. B: pro­mo­tion to a po­si­tion of higher author­ity. C: sur­real outof-body ex­pe­ri­ence.

6. oleagi­nous—A: ex­ag­ger­at­edly com­pli­men­tary. B: pro­fusely bloom­ing. C: con­cern­ing a planet’s or­bit.

7. delu­sional—A: known to ma­gi­cians. B: be­lieved de­spite ev­i­dence to the con­trary. C: pre­vi­ously mis­un­der­stood but now clear.

8. eu­noia—A: good­will. B: broad and en­com­pass­ing knowl­edge. C: an­noy­ance and ag­i­ta­tion.

9. gelati­nous—A: gilded in the Ro­man style. B: vi­brantly coloured. C: vis­cous like jelly.

10. flu­o­ri­date—A: de­fend an aca­demic the­sis. B: dis­till flower scents for per­fume. C: add flu­o­rides.

11. am­bidex­trous—A: able to use both hands equally well. B: with an am­ber-like glow. C: hav­ing ex­tremely flex­i­ble joints.

12. ad­ven­ti­tious—A: ad­ven­tur­ous and dar­ing. B: con­cern­ing Ad­vent in the church cal­en­dar. C: by chance rather than by de­sign.

13. re­nun­ci­a­tion—A: act of join­ing a holy or­der. B: act of re­fus­ing or giv­ing up. C: planned se­quence of events.

14. mus­ta­chioed—A: sea­soned with mus­tard. B: with a mous­tache. C: sneez­ing be­cause of al­ler­gies.

15. face­tiously—A: flip­pantly. B: apolo­get­i­cally. C: con­fus­edly.

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