Reader's Digest (Canada) - - Editors’ Choice -

1. dryad—[B] wood nymph; as, Dae­mon hoped a dryad might in­habit his newly planted oak tree.

2. schnap­sidee—[B] crazy idea thought up while drink­ing; as, Con­ceived in a bar, the lu­cra­tive

“pet rock” mar­ket­ing scheme is an ex­am­ple of a schnap­sidee gone right. 3. an­gel’s share—[C] liquor lost to evap­o­ra­tion while ag­ing in bar­rels; as, Scot­land’s whisky in­dus­try loses two per cent of its prod­uct vol­ume ev­ery year to the an­gel’s share.

4. pol­ter­geist—[A] noisy ghost; as, The house was haunted by a pol­ter­geist who reg­u­larly moved fur­ni­ture and rat­tled dishes.

5. hops—[C] plant cones used to flavour beer; as, Tor­mod de­cided to grow his own hops and add them to his home brew.

6. brownie—[A] elf that se­cretly does house­work; as, Not want­ing to take credit, Uberto claimed a brownie had folded the laun­dry.

7. Ma­haha—[A] Inuit de­mon that tick­les its vic­tims to death; as, Po­ten­tial vic­tims of Ma­haha are ad­vised to lure it near wa­ter and push it in.

8. pot-valiant—[B] coura­geous when in­tox­i­cated; as, Feel­ing pot­valiant af­ter a few swigs from her flask, An­gelina asked Kit to dance. 9. raths­kel­ler—[C] base­ment tav­ern or restau­rant; as, Jun­long headed down­stairs to the raths­kel­ler to join his friends for happy hour.

10. pneu­ma­tol­ogy—[C] study of the Holy Spirit; as, A ques­tion ex­plored by pneu­ma­tol­ogy is the na­ture of the Holy Spirit’s work in the world.

11. tip­ple—[B] drink ha­bit­u­ally; as, Jenny was known to tip­ple and could of­ten be found at the pub.

12. shandy—[B] mix­ture of beer and le­mon­ade; as, Nafasi praised shandy for its re­fresh­ing taste and low al­co­hol con­tent.

13. golem—[C] clay fig­ure brought to life; as, Leg­end has it that a 16th­cen­tury rabbi suc­ceeded in cre­at­ing a golem to pro­tect the Jewish com­mu­nity in Prague.

14. an­tifog­matic—[A] drink taken to brace one­self for damp weather; as, Jayvyn gulped down a quick dram of whisky as an an­tifog­matic be­fore heading out into the cold rain.

15. kelpie—[A] horse-shaped wa­ter spirit; as, Kelpies are said to have drowned trav­ellers, so Faye was watch­ful as she walked around the loch.

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