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1. By area, which is the largest coun­try that lies en­tirely south of the equa­tor? 2. In 2015, the New Hori­zons space probe found a heart-shaped pool of poi­son ice on what planet?

3. Unusu­ally, who played lead gui­tar on the Bea­tles’ “Tax­man”?

4. In what year did the Cana­dian navy stop pro­vid­ing daily rum ra­tions to its sailors: 1882, 1972 or 2012?

5. Who gave a copy of his novel

A Farewell to Arms to James Joyce with all of the cen­sored swear words writ­ten back in? 6. So far, who was the only Amer­i­can pres­i­dent who could speak In­done­sian? 7. How many quarks are there in a pro­ton? 8. What’s the largest or­der of in­sects, ac­count­ing for more than a quar­ter of all known an­i­mal species? 9. In the Bi­ble, King Herod’s step­daugh­ter de­manded whose head on a plat­ter, in­spir­ing paint­ings by Car­avag­gio and a host of other mas­ters? 10. Salsa made from toma­toes, white onions and cilantro is some­times called “salsa ban­dera” (flag sauce) be­cause it fea­tures the same colours as which coun­try’s flag?

11. Igor Siko­rsky, cre­ator of the world’s first mass-pro­duced he­li­copter, said he was in­spired by Clip­per of the Clouds, a novel by what au­thor? 12. Més que un club! What soc­cer team won three Euro­pean Cups and three FIFA World Cups be­tween 2009 and 2016?

13. Which is the south­ern­most na­tional cap­i­tal in the Euro­pean Union?

14. The Trung sis­ters were first-cen­tury mil­i­tary lead­ers who ran which coun­try for three years?

15. There’s no hard proof that she said“Let them eat cake,” nor that she in­tro­duced crois­sants to Paris from Vi­enna, but whom does leg­end credit with both?

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