A Dick­ens Christ­mas evokes roasted ch­est­nuts, ghostly vis­i­tors and de­scrip­tive lan­guage. Try this quiz made up of words from A Christ­mas Carol to find out if you have the gift for Vic­to­rian vo­cab­u­lary.

Reader's Digest (Canada) - - Front Page - BY LINDA BESNER

1. avarice—A: ex­treme de­sire for ma­te­rial wealth. B: ver­min. C: clove-stud­ded or­ange.

2. ruddy—A: steer­ing mech­a­nism on a boat. B: widow younger than 30. C: red or red­dish.

3. hob—A: metal shelf at the side of a fire­place. B: naughty child. C: sur­face upon which a black­smith pounds iron.

4. lamen­ta­tion—A: process by which milk be­comes cheese. B: ex­pres­sion of re­gret or sad­ness. C: singing and mak­ing merry.

5. ir­res­o­lute—A: un­der poor fi­nan­cial man­age­ment. B: abra­sive. C: un­cer­tain and hes­i­tant.

6. ne­gus—A: hot spiced port drink. B: for­tune teller. C: evil spirit.

7. re­lin­quish—A: reat­tach. B: re­duce by boil­ing. C: give up.

8. bois­ter­ous—A: able to float. B: noisy and en­er­getic.

C: light and springy. 9. sex­ton—A: church care­taker. B: nav­i­ga­tional in­stru­ment for mea­sur­ing al­ti­tudes. C: sixth note in a mu­si­cal scale.

10. shun—A: avoid or re­ject. B: cob­bler’s ham­mer. C: peel away.

11. slip­shod—A: chest where sum­mer cloth­ing is kept dur­ing win­ter. B: care­lessly done. C: clad in light shoes.

12. lega­tee—A: ball­room dance in two-four time. B: stewed mut­ton dish. C: re­cip­i­ent of a legacy.

13. curtsy—A: for­mal greet­ing ges­ture made by bend­ing the knees. B: flow­ered cot­ton fab­ric.

C: rude de­meanour.

14. cupola—A: Vic­to­rian clap­ping game. B: small struc­ture on a roof. C: drink­ing ves­sel made from a sheep’s horn.

15. sol­em­nize—A: mark an oc­ca­sion with cel­e­bra­tion or rit­ual. B: as­sume a som­bre at­ti­tude. C: blas­pheme.

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