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Ra­diofre­quency en­ergy (RFE) is a form of ra­di­a­tion no­tably given off by…

A. MRI ma­chines.

B. mo­bile phones.

C. CT scan­ners.

D. the sun.

An­swer: B. RFE (also known as ra­dio waves) is a type of elec­tro­mag­netic ra­di­a­tion emit­ted by cell­phones. Like mi­crowaves, and un­like ul­tra­vi­o­let or X-rays, it op­er­ates at a fre­quency too low to dam­age cells by ion­iz­ing atoms. Some peo­ple nev­er­the­less worry that RFE could cause can­cer or other con­di­tions. So far, no re­li­able ev­i­dence ex­ists for a link be­tween cell­phone use and health prob­lems, but more re­search is needed.

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