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1. avarice—[A] ex­treme de­sire for ma­te­rial wealth; as, Mrs. Pincher’s avarice led her to raise the rent on her ten­ants.

2. ruddy—[C] red or red­dish; as, The child’s cheeks were ruddy from the crisp win­ter air.

3. hob—[A] metal shelf at the side of a fire­place; as, A ser­vant stirred a pot of por­ridge on the hob.

4. lamen­ta­tion—[B] ex­pres­sion of re­gret or sad­ness; as, Find­ing the cup­board empty, Mr. Jameel gave voice to a heart­felt lamen­ta­tion.

5. ir­res­o­lute—[C] un­cer­tain and hes­i­tant; as, Caught be­tween the mis­ery of go­ing back to the or­phan­age and the dan­gers of con­tin­u­ing in the dark, Shira was ir­res­o­lute.

6. ne­gus—[A] hot spiced port drink; as, When the vicar ar­rived at the hol­i­day party, his host handed him a mug full of ne­gus.

7. re­lin­quish—[C] give up; as, The pick­pocket re­luc­tantly re­lin­quished the stolen watch.

8. bois­ter­ous—[B] noisy and en­er­getic; as, Jack was ad­mon­ished for his bois­ter­ous be­hav­iour in the class­room. 9. sex­ton—[A] church care­taker; as, The sex­ton guided the vis­i­tor to her grand­mother’s grave.

10. shun—[A] avoid or re­ject; as, After the ar­gu­ment, Mr. Kapoor shunned Ms. Whin­moor’s com­pany.

11. slip­shod—[B] care­lessly done; as, The slip­shod work­man­ship made the gar­den steps dan­ger­ous to tread.

12. lega­tee—[C] re­cip­i­ent of a legacy; as, On dis­cov­er­ing her­self to be Mrs. Gas­sama’s lega­tee, Ms. Co­hen was over­come with grat­i­tude.

13. curtsy—[A] for­mal greet­ing ges­ture made by bend­ing the knees; as, When pre­sented to the queen, the young girl made a deep curtsy.

14. cupola—[B] small struc­ture on a roof; as, The barn’s cupola was topped with a brass weath­er­vane.

15. sol­em­nize—[A] mark an oc­ca­sion with cel­e­bra­tion or rit­ual; as, The cou­ple sol­em­nized their wed­ding with a waltz. VO­CAB­U­LARY RAT­INGS 7–10: fair 11–12: good 13–15: ex­cel­lent

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