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Emery accused of road rage

- By ANDREW SEYMOUR CanWest News Service

OTTAWA — A West Ottawa retiree is accusing Senators goalie Ray Emery of trying to run him off the road before threatenin­g to kill him during an alleged case of road rage earlier this week. Jean V. Therien alleges in a police report that the 24-year-old Senators goalie swore at him and called him an “old bag of bones” and an “old fool” before threatenin­g him. Therien said the alleged threat came after Mr. Emery blocked his path with his white Hummer and ordered him to get out of his vehicle.

Therien, who admits he cut Emery off on the westbound Highway 417 near an off-ramp moments earlier, said the threat came after Emery repeatedly swerved into his lane.

“If I had not got out of his way, there is every reason to believe I would have ended up in the ditch,” said Therien, who has complained to both Ottawa police and the Ottawa Senators about the incident which occurred between 8:45 and 9 a.m. Wednesday on the Palladium Drive off-ramp. Attempts to reach Emery were unsuccessf­ul Thursday, but he denied threatenin­g Therien in an interview Wednesday.

“I got mad and started yelling at him. I didn’t threaten him,” Emery said. Describing the incident as “a little argument.”

Emery said he swore at Therien following an exchanging of hand gestures after being cut off. “I won the war of words and he got a bit mad. I’m not apologizin­g or anything,” said Emery.

Ottawa police have since assigned a detective to investigat­e the complaint. No charges have been laid.

Therien, who retired 10 years ago from a job as an assistant to the chairman of Canada Post, said the incident began when he pulled out to pass a van. Therien said he checked his rearview and side mirrors, made a shoulder check and then signalled to pass before moving into the left lane. That’s when he heard the “roar of an engine” and spotted the white Hummer in his rearview mirror.

“He was into my rear bumper before I realized what was going on. I had to speed up to get out of his way,” said Therien.

“We both made the same decision at the exact same time,” said Therien, who admitted he motioned with his arms toward Emery but never made an obscene gesture. “If that had happened to me, if the roles had been reversed, of course I would be angry. Anybody would be. But the road belongs to me and it belongs to him and it belongs to everybody,” said Therien.

“It was one of those things that happen on the road and it was no reason for him to come after me and then call me the things he did,” said Therien. “He created situations time and time and time again that put my life in jeopardy.”

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