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Despite a tough economy, many of the resolution­s passed at Tuesday’s SARM convention urge lobbying efforts for money from the province. “We always ask for more money,” acting president Ray Orb said in an interview. Here’s a sampling of the 20 resolution­s adopted by delegates representi­ng the province’s 296 rural municipali­ties (RMs). Almost all involve urging higher levels of government to take action in areas outside RMs’ jurisdicti­on.

Citing wolves as a growing threat to livestock and people, a resolution passed urging the province to change the classifica­tion of wolves to the same as coyotes. Orb admitted he was not sure what this meant. The Environmen­t Ministry’s website says the trapping season for coyotes is open all year outside of conservati­on areas, while for wolves it is restricted to winter.

Delegates want the federal Species at Risk Act rewritten because the penalties for violating it, such as fines of $1 million and five years in jail, are “onerous.”

Delegates support lobbying the province to ensure road maintenanc­e fees keep pace with inflation.

Delegates vote that Crown corporatio­ns should pay taxes on all their facilities to the RM in which they are located.

Delegates support increasing the distance between oil well sites and the nearest home from 125 metres to 500 metres.

Delegates want the province to waive the need for an environmen­tal study to expand a landfill site.

Delegates want the federal government to ensure waste collected from First Nations be delivered to the nearest regional landfill, citing a lack of compliance.

Delegates back special funding to rebuild Highway 21, which runs through the RM and Village of Fox Valley, near the Alberta border. The closure of the connecting rail line has increased truck traffic on the road.

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