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Aaron Clarke and Sabrina Cataldo: Coordinati­ng colleagues

- By Ashley Martin

It started two years ago with an unplanned purple pairing.

A co-worker noted that Sabrina Cataldo, in a violet dress, and Aaron Clarke, in a suit jacket, smacked of similitude.

From that day forward, the Saskatchew­an Arts Board colleagues have noticed an unintentio­nal clothing twinship half a dozen times or so.

“Do you guys call each other in the mornings? Do you contrive this?” said Clarke, relaying his co-workers’ reactions. “Sometimes we match the art.”

“Like the day we did the red and we were in front of the David Dreher and all the colours were coordinati­ng,” said Cataldo.

It happened last summer when — not on a Rider game day — they each showed up to work dressed in green.

“You wouldn’t expect the two of us to be dressing alike,” said Cataldo. “I think we’re pretty different people. … Cats and dogs.”

Cataldo enjoys a retro silhouette, vintage pieces and wrap dresses. “I like to be bold,” she said. “Full chroma,” Clarke described her. “You don’t do the pastels, you don’t do the paisleys, you don’t do plaid very often.”

And while Cataldo likes a sale, she doesn’t swear by them.

Clarke, on the other hand, “can’t remember the last time I bought clothes for myself if it wasn’t a band that I saw.”

When it comes right down to it, “It’s gotta be free and it’s gotta smell nice today” — which can be a challenge given a household of dogs (Clarke’s fiancée Jamie Parker founded Bright Eyes Dog Rescue) and children.

As a Regina Cat Rescue volunteer, Cataldo keeps her clothes well away from her pets.

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