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1. GLASSES: JJ’s Optical Gallery. “He’s like, ‘You have to come in and see these.’ ‘Aw dammit, another one.’” She has seven pairs of glasses.


3. NECKLACE: Megan Hazel. “I like that I know her and that I’m supporting her and I work here and I support artists personally, so that’s something that’s really important to me.”

4. SWEATER: Costco

5. DRESS: eShakti, online

6. BRACELET: Leni and Eva from Anex. The fishbone is from a keychain.

7. SHOES: Rhodas Elegance Again. “I love these shoes — they’re something I get comments on them all the time but where would you find them?”


8. TOQUE: Stolen from Jamie

9. GLASSES: Golden Mile Optical

10. EARRING: His cousin made them as prizes for Christmas crackers.

11. TIE: It was abandoned by an ex.

12. JACKET: Moores

13. SHIRT: From a retro store in Vancouver. He took his kids in too: “It was like National Lampoon’s European Vacation, that scene where they all walk out dressed all Euro.”

14. RINGS: Claddagh from the Ceilidh Surprise. The other is “probably the Cornwall Centre — the gum machines.”

15. BRACELET: A dog rescue bracelet that reads: “On a mission from dog.”

16. KGB BELT: Claire’s or Ardene in Cornwall. “I think I broke a belt and needed a new one.”

17. JEANS: H&M

18. BOOTS: They were his father’s.

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