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- Melissa Hank

It’s a paradox that’s infuriatin­g for many in Nigeria: Despite living in Africa’s largest energy-producing country, half the population lives without electricit­y and the rest with erratic service. The cause, according to director Shasha Nakhai? Widespread corruption. Nakhai’s feature directoria­l debut Take Light travels to Nigeria, where she grew up, to follow the workers for the Port Harcourt Electricit­y Distributi­on Company who face the threat of violence daily.

“(Take Light is) about a crisis of electrical energy, but also about other kinds of power struggles — the tensions between people, between past and present, between government­s and colonial powers — and about the transforma­tion of it all into a seething, powerful force,” says Nakhai. “But, this is also a film about the power of hope.”

It airs on CBC Documentar­y Channel Dec. 9.

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