Use fly swat­ter to ease pain of clean­ing in­ner win­dow panes

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Q I have a screen door and be­tween the panes I can­not get any­thing but liq­uid as it so nar­row. I can­not re­move the in­ner pane. What can I pour in there that would clean the in­side glass? It looks ter­ri­ble.

A Drape a soft, high-qual­ity mi­crofi­bre cloth over a fly swat­ter and use an elas­tic band to se­cure the cloth onto the fly swat­ter. Soak the cloth with plain old wa­ter. Wipe the win­dow with the fly swat­ter.

Next, fas­ten a dry mi­crofi­bre cloth onto the fly swat­ter. Dry the win­dow in the same man­ner. The fly swat­ter is nar­row and will hope­fully reach be­tween the screen and the win­dow.

If the win­dow is ex­tremely dirty, soak the cloth in am­mo­nia in­stead of wa­ter to clean.

If you ab­so­lutely can­not use any­thing other than a liq­uid spray be­tween the screen and the win­dow, a com­mer­cial or home­made win­dow so­lu­tion is your best op­tion.

Q Re­gard­ing leather, there is a hole in my leather seat in my Kia due to an acid leak from a bat­tery. Please ad­vise what to do and where to pur­chase a leather patch (cream/ beige-coloured leather).

A I am sorry to hear that. Leather patches are avail­able at most depart­ment and home hard­ware stores, fur­ni­ture re­tail­ers, car deal­er­ships and on­line.

Please fol­low the in­struc­tions in­cluded with the kit. For a more pro­fes­sional re­pair, take your ve­hi­cle to a restora­tion spe­cial­ist.


Re: Stor­ing as­para­gus

When bring­ing fresh as­para­gus home, cut off the end by about a half-inch and place ends down in a high glass and place in the fridge.

As­para­gus will last longer than a week and stay crispy.

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Pre­heat your oven to 425 F.

■ Score each chest­nut around the shell. Be very care­ful as they are slip­pery. Put the chest­nuts in a pot of wa­ter to sim­mer.

When the wa­ter be­gins to sim­mer, re­move the chest­nuts and place them on a bak­ing sheet. Bake for 15 min­utes (or un­til they be­gin to peel).

Re­move them from the oven, drop them into a bowl and cover the bowl with a tea towel.

Leave for 15 min­utes.

Some chest­nuts will be eas­ier to peel than oth­ers; throw away any gooey nuts.

Re­move the outer shell and the tough brown skin.

The house should now smell de­light­ful and the chest­nuts are ready to eat.

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Fly swat­ters cov­ered by mi­crofi­bre cloth can help clean hard-to-reach places like in be­tween win­dow panes.

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