Can Den­tures Re­store My Youth­ful Ap­pear­ance?


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QWhy Do Tra­di­tional Den­tures Make You Look Older? A: In our youth our face mus­cles, skin, bones and teeth de­velop nicely, al­to­gether in har­mony. How­ever, as we age we may run into trou­bles with los­ing our teeth and our faces nat­u­rally be­come shorter as a re­sult. The loss of teeth and short­en­ing of the face causes the de­vel­op­ment of ex­cess skin, mus­cles, and fat re­sult­ing in jowls or folds around the mouth. Tra­di­tional den­tures do noth­ing to com­bat the ef­fects of jaw­bone re­sorp­tion, as they are de­signed to rest on top of the gum tis­sue, and un­able to pro­vide the nat­u­ral and even pres­sure the jaw bone is used to be­fore the loss of teeth oc­curred.

Q: Why Do Tra­di­tional Den­tures Give You A Sunken- in Look A: Once you lose your teeth, your body thinks your jaw bone is no longer nec­es­sary and be­gins to grad­u­ally re­move and ab­sorb the bone start­ing from the out­side. This means that tra­di­tional den­tures put your teeth too far back, and each time your den­tures are re­placed your teeth move fur­ther and fur­ther in­ward. Q: How do Strick­land Den­tures Give You A Facelift? A: Strick­land Facelift De­tures pro­vide a so­lu­tion to our ag­ing faces be­cause they re­store our teeth to their full, orig­i­nal height and youth­ful, for­ward, and nat­u­ral po­si­tion­ing. Th­ese den­tures are placed in a po­si­tion which builds the bite so the mus­cles will be able to func­tion at their best, pro­vid­ing the great­est level of fa­cial support needed to achieve sta­bil­ity for a greater fa­cial aes­thetic.

Q: Should I get A Sur­gi­cal Facelift Or See A Lo­cal Den­tist? A: While a sur­gi­cal facelift can re­store some of our youth­ful fea­tures by cut­ting away at ex­cess mus­cle tis­sue and skin, it will not ad­e­quately com­pen­sate for the short­ened face, which is a symp­to­matic re­sult of most all tooth loss. If you are seek­ing a method to re­store your face to its orig­i­nal proportion­s, con­sult­ing your lo­cal den­tist and in­quir­ing about al­ter­na­tives may be the key to restor­ing your most nat­u­ral, youth­ful ap­pear­ance with­out re­sort­ing to plas­tic surgery. Andy Som­mer, RDT, DD, LVIF - With over 30 years of com­bined clin­i­cal and tech­ni­cal ex­pe­ri­ence in den­tal tech­nol­ogy, Andy Som­mer brings a broad range of ex­per­tise in com­pre­hen­sive den­tal restora­tions to each of his clients in­di­vid­ual needs. Earn­ing his ac­cred­i­ta­tion from Trillium Col­lege for Den­tur­ism, he at­tended George Brown Col­lege and has worked in all ar­eas of the den­tal lab.

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