Richmond Hill Post - - Front Page - MONIKA SCH­NARRE Monika Sch­narre is a model, ac­tor, en­tre­pre­neur and tele­vi­sion per­son­al­ity. She has ap­peared in over 50 tele­vi­sion shows and films and on over 100 mag­a­zine cov­ers.

Monika Sch­narre, is no stranger to fit­ness. She is a su­per­model af­ter all. So she’s dish­ing out the in­side scoop on the city’s new­est fit­ness trends. This month, she heads to Yonge and Eglin­ton to hit the waves at Sur­fset Toronto to find out if this surf­board work­out re­ally does whip you into shape.

Have you been surf­ing be­fore?

Yes, I tried surf­ing while living in Australia (film­ing The Beast­mas­ter). Un­for­tu­nately, I was not very suc­cess­ful. At six-foottwo, I am ver­ti­cally chal­lenged as far as bal­ance is con­cerned.

How did it feel step­ping onto the surf­board?

The surf­board rests on a con­trap­tion that sim­u­lates surf in the ocean. It looks much eas­ier than it ac­tu­ally is! Step­ping onto the board feels ex­actly like try­ing to stand on a real board in the ocean. Just try not to quiver back and forth at first — it’s im­pos­si­ble! How­ever, even­tu­ally you find your sea legs.

How was the work­out flow?

We started with slow move­ments to get the mus­cles mov­ing and the joints ready. We then worked in in­ter­vals of high and low in­ten­sity, al­ways in­cor­po­rat­ing core flex­ion and full-body work. Af­ter the work­out we did a cool down, start­ing with slower move­ments to ease the heart rate and mov­ing into deep stretch­ing and calmed breath­ing.

Which part was most dif­fi­cult?

Com­plet­ing your work­out while at the same time main­tain­ing bal­ance. Imag­ine do­ing your en­tire gym

rou­tine on a board in the ocean.

What did you en­joy the most?

The chal­lenge was the best part. I con­sider my­self ath­letic, but this was re­ally out of my com­fort zone. I looked very un­cool dur­ing most of the ex­er­cises … but that was OK! It was fun to try some­thing new and get out of the gym. Keep­ing your work­outs fresh and new is es­sen­tial to en­hanc­ing your fit­ness level.

Where did you feel the burn?

Your core or abs are en­gaged through­out the en­tire work­out, and that’s good be­cause that’s where this post-baby body needs it the most! I also felt the burn in my quads as you are con­stantly try­ing to main­tain bal­ance.

Was your in­struc­tor help­ful?

She was en­gag­ing, knowl­edge­able and sup­port­ive. She helped me achieve the cor­rect po­si­tions with­out mak­ing me feel silly or awk­ward.

Were you on the surf­board for the en­tire work­out?

We used a com­bi­na­tion of on- and off-board move­ments, but we gen­er­ally in­cor­po­rated the board to pro­vide the added chal­lenge of in­sta­bil­ity in roughly 95 per cent of the move­ments. They also in­cor­po­rate re­sis­tance ropes and dumb­bells in Build and Blend classes and some­times in Burn classes for an added chal­lenge.

Was this like any other work­out you’ve tried be­fore?

It was un­like any work­out I’ve done be­fore. I have been pad­dle board­ing at the cottage, but this was noth­ing at all like that ex­cept for the board.

Monika Sch­narre (left) work­ing out on a surf­board that sim­u­lates the ocean

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