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At what age should I take my child to an or­tho­don­tist?

Chil­dren should be seen by age 8-9 for an orthodon­tic con­sul­ta­tion.

If my child needs orthodon­tic work, won’t my den­tist make the re­fer­ral?

Not al­ways. Most den­tists are con­cerned with check­ing for cav­i­ties and gum dis­ease, and have less train­ing when it comes to orthodon­tic is­sues. So, re­gard­less of whether or not your den­tist has made a re­fer­ral, it is a good idea to have your child seen by an or­tho­don­tist by age 8-9.

How do I choose the right or­tho­don­tist?

It helps to ask for a re­fer­ral, ei­ther from a den­tist you trust, or from a friend. Even with a re­fer­ral, though, you would be wise to ask a few ques­tions be­fore fi­nal­iz­ing your de­ci­sion: • Who will do the ma­jor­ity of the treat­ment? Will it be the or­tho­don­tist, or a hy­gien­ist/as­sis­tant? • How much time will the doc­tor spend with me at each visit? • What is a typ­i­cal wait­ing time in your wait­ing room? • How easy is it to get an ap­point­ment, and do you have af­ter-school hours? • How easy is it to get to your of­fice? (Re­mem­ber, you will be go­ing there ev­ery month) • Are you an or­tho­don­tist or a general den­tist?

My den­tist does braces or In­visalign. Is he/she also an or­tho­don­tist?

No. The dif­fer­ence be­tween a den­tist and an or­tho­don­tist is the same as the dif­fer­ence be­tween a fam­ily doc­tor and a med­i­cal spe­cial­ist. Spe­cial­ists are doc­tors who have ex­ten­sive train­ing be­yond that of a general prac­ti­tioner. You wouldn’t go to a fam­ily doc­tor for plas­tic surgery – you’d see a spe­cial­ist. In the same way, it makes sense to have a spe­cial­ist per­form your or­thodon­tics, to give you or your child the best, health­i­est, and most sta­ble re­sults.

I just want In­visalign - why does it mat­ter who does it?

In­visalign is a tool, not a treat­ment. In the same way a car­pen­ter might use a ham­mer, an or­tho­don­tist uses In­visalign – and the qual­ity of the re­sult very much de­pends on the skill of the user. It takes the train­ing of a spe­cial­ist to get the best re­sults, re­gard­less of whether the tools used are braces, re­tain­ers, or In­visalign.

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