Chef Craig Wong on the city’s best West In­dian ro­tis

Chef Craig Wong, known for Pa­tois and now Jack­pot Chicken Rice (Joanne Kates’ top new restau­rant of last year), sam­ples the city’s best West In­dian–style ro­tis. From goat curry to jerk chicken, which wrap is the win­ner? Read on.

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Goat takes the gold

RITZ CARIBBEAN FOODS, 32 EGLIN­TON AVE. W., $8.99 “First thing I feel is there’s bones in there, and I like that. I love meat that’s cooked on the bones. It’s so much more flavour­ful and it keeps it nice and moist. The goat is su­per ten­der, sea­soned re­ally nicely and has a nice amount of spice to it. The roti is re­ally nice and moist, and the dal is good and flavour­ful.”

Shrimp curry craze

ANEAL’S TASTE OF THE IS­LANDS, 10220 YONGE ST., $10.99 “This brings back mem­o­ries of my child­hood. This tastes like the shrimp that my un­cle makes, just per­fectly over­cooked shrimp. It’s more cooked than ideal, but in a re­ally nice way. It’s a flavour­ful pep­per sauce. There’s a real nice kick to it. I’m re­ally happy with this one. It re­minds me of West Indies-style roti with lots of pep­per sauce.”

A veg­gie de­light

SI­MONE’S CARIBBEAN RESTAU­RANT, 596 DAN­FORTH AVE., $10 “It’s a re­ally nice, moist chick­pea. Awe­some bright flavours, and it’s a very lively curry. The potato is cooked per­fectly. I see lit­tle bits of chili in there and some big pieces of onions. There’s a lot go­ing on for a veg­e­tar­ian roti. It’s a per­fect amount of sauce and well-bal­anced flavours. I feel good eat­ing this.”

The best jerk in town

ALLWYN’S BAK­ERY, 4750 YONGE ST., $8.95 “You can re­ally taste the pi­mento in the jerk chicken. There’s a great amount of pota­toes in here. They even have some fresh herbs. They’re def­i­nitely us­ing dark meat of the chicken, which I love. It’s re­ally moist. I like how they leave the skin on for this jerk chicken. It ac­tu­ally tastes like real jerk chicken that they’ve chopped up.”

A taste of turmeric

ALBERT’S REAL JA­MAICAN FOODS, 542 ST. CLAIR AVE. W., $10.75 “The chicken is in nice big chunks and it’s bone­less. I feel like it could use a bit more spice. It seems like a very turmeric-for­ward curry. I’m re­ally look­ing for a bit more gravy, a bit more curry, and I wish over­all it had more flavour go­ing on in it. They’re us­ing a lot of chicken breast meat. I think the dark meat would be a bit more flavour­ful.”

De­li­cious duck

ALI’S WEST IN­DIAN ROTI SHOP, 1446 QUEEN ST. W., $10.95 “It’s two things that I’ve never had be­fore, cur­ried duck and duck in a roti. It’s re­ally in­ter­est­ing. The duck is a lit­tle dry; it’s def­i­nitely braised. It’s a skin-on duck, which is cool. The curry is do­ing a great job of mask­ing any kind of gamy flavour that the duck would have. It’s a cool idea, but it’s not re­ally to my taste.”

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