Some of our pan­el­lists share their real es­tate re­grets from the past.

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When I got the job in New York at Mer­rill Lynch, they gave me a cor­po­rate apart­ment. I had the op­tion to buy it at any time. This was ’02, ba­si­cally within a year af­ter 9/11. All you heard about was, Oh, you’re liv­ing in Bat­tery Park City. Oh my God, as­bestos this and as­bestos that. This was a gor­geous ju­nior onebed­room, and prob­a­bly at the time I could have bought it for a cou­ple hun­dred thou­sand dol­lars. It’s gone up, like, six­fold over that pe­riod. So not tak­ing the op­tion to buy was a big mis­take.


I have an apart­ment in New York and was of­fered the apart­ment be­side us. I said, “No, no. I’m not go­ing to buy this apart­ment.” Well, I just bought it three months ago, and when I was of­fered it, the dol­lar was at par. Now it’s this. So I’m think­ing, God, why didn’t I buy that apart­ment back then?

On the pos­i­tive side, when I was look­ing for a new house in Toronto, I was work­ing with Elise Kalles. She took me to see a house in For­est Hill. I thought it was too big, needed too much work and they were ask­ing for too much money. Elise picked me up the next day, and took me back to the same house. She told me to go in and fig­ure out how I’m go­ing to make that house work. I put an of­fer in and bought that house 15 years ago, and we can­not be­lieve how much it is worth to­day.


I bought a park­ing lot in 2002 for $3 mil­lion down­town. About a week later, a park­ing lot op­er­a­tor came and said, “I’ll give you an­other $300,000, just to sell me the con­tract.” So I sold it to him. That park­ing lot to­day is worth $120 mil­lion.

The in­te­rior of Brian Gluckstein’s For­est Hill home

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