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The World’s Big­gest Im­prov Tour­na­ment and TOs­ketch­fest hit the city this month, bring­ing world-class en­ter­tain­ers and taste­ful fart jokes to the Hog­town stage. Who gets the last laugh?

When did you first re­al­ize you were funny?

When I was in Grade 2, my teacher showed a pic­ture of a cat­tail plant in class, which spurred a re­ac­tion in me where I jumped out of my chair, pointed and screamed, “Those look like hot dogs!” and did a lit­tle dance to thun­der­ous laugh­ter. So maybe then?

I re­al­ized at a young age I’d do any­thing for a laugh. When I was nine, my friends and I were to­bog­gan­ing. I found a frozen piece of dog crap and, with­out think­ing, picked it up and pre­tended to smoke it like a big cigar through my scarf. I know it’s gross. But it got a laugh!

SCTV or Kidsin theHall?

I love the ab­sur­dity of KidsintheH­all and I love Cather­ine O'Hara and John Candy. So the an­swer is RedGreenSh­ow in a land­slide.

I grew up on KidsintheH­all. Chicken Lady was a house­hold favourite of me and my si­b­lings. But I also saw re­runs of SCTV and fell in love with it. So I’ll say both?

Have you spot­ted any of your he­roes in your au­di­ence?

I im­pro­vised once with Dave Fo­ley of the KidsIntheH­all. I then told him to go sit in the au­di­ence in case I needed a good an­swer to an in­ter­view ques­tion years later.

When I worked at Se­cond City Main­stage Toronto, we had An­drea Martin, Sha­nia Twain, Lav­erne Cox, Sir Ian McKellen, Jack McBrayer and more.

Favourite clean joke?

I wrote this one the other day: I like my Uber driv­ers like I like my ac­ci­den­tal farts in pub­lic: Silent but not deadly.

This one I heard on Lam­bChop’sPlay-Along : Where do gen­er­als keep their armies? UP THEIR SLEEVIES (dies of cute­ness).

Why should peo­ple go to your fes­ti­val?

SNL and SCTV alumni and first-year im­pro­vis­ers com­pete for au­di­ence votes. Each duo gets seven min­utes. Even if you hate them, crush their dreams, vote against them.

The TOs­ketch­fest is a de­li­cious com­edy buf­fet! There’s some­thing for ev­ery­one, in­clud­ing Kirsten, Get SomeF riends, a solo char­ac­ter sketch show by me, and more!

Mon­days through May 7, www.so­cap.ca

March 1–11, www.toron­tos­ketch­fest.com

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