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The united goal of all health­care prac­ti­tion­ers is to re­store health and bal­ance to the body. How­ever, as prac­ti­tion­ers, we all get stuck in our sep­a­rate spe­cial­ties, try­ing to do apart what we can only do to­gether. Who is there to guide you, our pa­tients, along the way to your health restora­tion?

The sim­ple an­swer is no one. We have for­got­ten the lessons of healthy, proac­tive liv­ing and are in­stead re­ac­tive—tak­ing ac­tion only when our health forces us to. We are more likely to try a fit­ness ap­proach to health, be­liev­ing that sim­ply by do­ing an ac­tion you get the ideal re­sult of that ac­tion. The truth is that how our bod­ies func­tion is shaped by the most per­sis­tent de­mands we put on it. One hour of ex­er­cise can’t eclipse the phys­i­cal de­mands of one’s gen­eral pos­ture and 5 hours of ex­er­cise won’t atone for a life­style that works against health. The idea that we can trick, or con­trol the body causes this dis­il­lu­sion. We must in­stead lis­ten to and work with our bod­ies.

We like to think of fit­ness as be­ing the same as health. Both of th­ese words are cap­ti­vat­ing in that they sym­bol­ize youth. What is youth if not the body in bal­ance and work­ing as it should. The only way to main­tain our youth as we age is to live a life that sup­ports bal­ance. What does this look like? It looks like the ac­tive process of tak­ing care of our bod­ies by ad­dress­ing all of the de­mands placed on it over our life­times, which have im­pacted how the body func­tions. What does it feel like? It feels like an ease of move­ment that we have for­got­ten, and which only comes back when we have felt it again. How does one re­store the for­got­ten func­tion­al­ity of the body?

By un­der­stand­ing the im­pact of life­style, mind­set, and stress on the body and re­leas­ing the lim­i­ta­tions they cause. The Heal­ing Art of Ex­er­cise will help negate the ev­ery­day de­mands placed on your body over the years by build­ing your body’s aware­ness and self-def­i­ni­tion of health, fit­ness, and well­ness.

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