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En­vi­ron­men­tal aware­ness in our driv­ing not only helps the health of our planet, but also the health of our wal­lets. “Cana­di­ans are be­com­ing more en­vi­ron­men­tally con­scious, and an easy way to lower our eco-foot­print is by main­tain­ing our ve­hi­cles,” ex­plains Dar­ryl Croft, OK Tire au­to­mo­tive ex­pert. “Also, keep­ing a few sim­ple green driv­ing tips in mind can help re­duce your fuel con­sump­tion”.

1. Travel light. Roof racks, ex­ces­sive cargo and heavy ve­hi­cles all add to fuel con­sump­tion, which in turn con­trib­utes to air pol­lu­tion. A good rule of thumb for re­duc­ing your weight on the road is if you don’t need it, don’t bring it. Roof racks also in­crease wind re­sis­tance, mak­ing your ve­hi­cle

work harder to main­tain speed. 2. Keep your ve­hi­cle

main­tained. En­sur­ing that your ve­hi­cle is in peak con­di­tion and func­tion­ing at its most ef­fi­cient will help keep your car­bon foot­print down. Have the ba­sic main­te­nance items checked and tuned up as needed on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. This in­cludes tire pres­sure, fluid lev­els, bat­tery, air fil­ters, brake pads and spark plugs. 3. Avoid idling or revving to save fuel. When you are stopped, switch off your en­gine. Revving is an equally en­vi­ron­men­tally toxic habit as it uses un­nec­es­sary fuel. Driv­ing at a safe, mod­er­ate speed is the best way to save fuel. 4. Check your tires

reg­u­larly. Once ev­ery week or two, check that your tires are suf­fi­ciently in­flated. Un­der-in­flated tires wear faster, cre­at­ing drag and greater fuel con­sump­tion. Align­ment is im­por­tant as this can also cre­ate a drag on your ve­hi­cle. This should be checked by a cer­ti­fied au­to­mo­tive tech­ni­cian at least once a year, ev­ery time new tires are in­stalled, or if you feel your ve­hi­cle is pulling to the side.

5. Buy eco-friendly tires. An en­ergy-ef­fi­cient tire is de­signed to max­i­mize gas mileage by low rolling re­sis­tance, re­turn­ing en­ergy back to the tire and re­duc­ing heat gen­er­a­tion. Eco-friendly tread com­pounds also re­duce par­ti­cle emis­sions.

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